Thursday, 18 June 2009

Film festival...

Hmmm I haven't posted yet this month - oooops! My last (attempted) post got pinged into oblivion when I hit publish post :-(

Started another thing yesterday - I went to my first ever film on the Edinburgh Film Festival "Away we go", the opening film of the festival. Sadly I missed/ was too late for/ couldn't see most of the big stars there (like Sean Connery and Alan Cummings) but saw Sam Mendes and a couple of the actors as they introduced the film. :-) The film itself was very good and had a nice mix of very, very funny and more poigniant moments. Its about a couple who find out they are going to have a baby and can't decide where to bring it up so go on a road trip visiting various places and friends/family. Definitely worth a watch - I think its out properly in September.

I'm also off to see "The private lives of Pippa Lee" tonight along with 3 others over the next week! :-) Should be fun - I don't think I've been to the cinema so much in my life! I think I was ~5 films in total last year but I'm resoundingly in double figures this year so far! Hmmmm... actually I'll be getting close to double figures this month, he he he. I've been to see quite a few film previews through seefilmfirst /tellten (so free) too and there have been some really good films recently. I saw "Sunshine cleaning " on Sunday - worth a watch too.

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