Saturday, 9 May 2009

First post - Day 1!

Hello and welcome to my ramblings... :)

I've been wanting and needing to make some changes in my life and this seems like a good way to help me keep an eye on what I would love to achieve in the next few years and also to motivate myself to actually do it.

So far so good... lol! Breakfast, a short mindful meditation (3 min breathing space today), cleansing/toning and moisturising done (#2 on list) and NSD no 1... tick!

Today's "Record one thing a day that has made me happy" is finishing my 101 list. Woohoo! Its not as easy as you first think... Hopefully it also means I won't wake up at 4am tonight thinking of more things to add too so I'm doubly happy :)

Wish me luck on my journey...


  1. Good luck. I'll be checking on you ya know!!

  2. Off to read your 101 list. Good luck with this challenge x sft