Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Other things on my list!

I've made a start on quite a few on the more mundane things on my list (like taking vitamins, NSD's at work etc) so I've decided that in progress stuff will be in red.

I have to say I'm still struggling with the daily ones - some of them I have missed a couple of days already so I'll never make it to 1001/1001... oops! I think I was a bit too optimistic there! I think 75% for those would be a good target and a massive improvement!

I'm enjoying the random acts of kindness (#90) - last weeks was in the supermarket - pointing out someone there was a cheaper way of buying what they wanted... eg not buying the several multi packs of muller corner yoghurts but buying them singly instead (they were 5 for £1 or a 6pk for £2.90)!

I'm especially struggling with #10, "Record one thing a day that has made me happy." I've suffered intermittently with depression for years so really want to try and look on the bright side more (and stop being so negative a lot of the time) but its a stubbornly, difficult habit to change (hence it being on my list... lol). Saturday's was lovely though. I ended up going for a walk I hadn't planned along a river close to where I live. There were lots of lovely lilac bushes all along the path! They smelt heavenly and reminded me of my Mum :-) I had such a grin on my face! Wish I'd taken a camera...

I've also made a start on #50 "Go to the Film Festival." The city I live in holds a film festival each year and I've never been to anything in it before! So... Ticket one has been booked - "Away we go"! I hope its good! I need to decide on what else I want to see and get it booked - currently my short list involves me being in several places at the same time so that's never going to work out... lol! Decisions, decisions...

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