Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Work and PhDs...

Hmmmm well so much for posting at least once a week... oops!

Its been a busy old fortnight - lots of work stuff that has really thrown me off kilter. At one point it looked like I could have a 1st equal author paper (no 47) far sooner than I'd hoped but it wasn't to be :-( I'm still not overly happy about the decisions my boss made concerning this but whats done is done and I have no intention of being put in this situation again.

At least I got up enough courage to speak to my boss about it (without bursting into tears!) and we had a rather frank conversation about it and other issues, so changes are (hopefully!) afoot on the work front! Yippee! Hopefully this will all help towards my PhD plans. Its looking most likely that it'll have to be a part time PhD due to my degree grades, despite years of relevant experience. That would certainly complicate things, not least because I only have just over 2yrs funding and I'd probably need 6yrs worth in total. There is no guarantee we'd be able to get more funding and no guarantee it'd be on a similar enough topic to be able to use it in my PhD!

Oh well, at least if I do it part time I'll be on my current wage and I'll be able to overpay the mortgage (no 96) at a higher level than if I was doing it full time, so its not all bad :-)


  1. Glad you are able to find some positivities within the situation. Hope you are able to sort it all out in a way that leaves you happy.